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Independent Designers vs Pre-Built Platforms.

Throughout the history of the internet, web design has been one of the most flourishing industries. The web design services market in the UK alone was estimated to be around £20.8 billion last year, and it seems there will always be a demand for experts in this field.

There are now prebuilt platforms for many online businesses that offer readymade solutions. Because the companies behind these have access to more big data than independent web designers, they have greater scope to refine their offerings so that they attract the highest number of clients possible. Does this mean that independent web design could come to an end? Or is it simply a case of web developers having to alter their methods?

The Internet has Reached the Age of the Prebuilt Platform

As some online industries have boomed, the competition has become so intense that it is no longer viable for new businesses to go in without a tried and tested system. This has led to the rise of prebuilt and customizable platforms that users can adapt. It’s a concept that’s prevalent in the gaming industry, ranging from engines that developers use as a starting point to fully functioning iGaming systems that are almost ready for launch.

In the online casino industry, there are over 2000 sites worldwide, and these allure millions of players. For a new site to cut it against the well-established ones, it needs to leverage the power of the experts. All the top brands are now using casino game software to build their sites because it has all the key elements already in place. New business owners can turn to these prebuilt systems as well and have access to thousands of games from more than 125 providers – that’s a serious advantage when starting. They can rely on the fact that they are set up to accept multiple payments and can be up and running in less than a month. There’s still a lot of freedom to design the pages distinctively, but the main functions of the site have already been put in place.

How These Services Use Big Data to Improve

Aside from having all the key aspects such as payments and game tabs already in place, these prebuilt platforms also have a great deal of big data that they can draw from to improve their services. They sell the white-label product to a vast array of businesses who then take it into the real world and get results. These businesses then feedback the data. This allows the platform builder to see what’s working and what isn’t.

The problem here for individual web designers is clear. People who go it alone in the modern age only have access to the data from their sites. They can use this to refine their methods as well, but it’s going to be a much slower process than it is for businesses that can draw on data from a multitude of different sites. That suggests that the prebuilt platforms could pull further ahead soon and leave the independent web designers behind.

With companies behind prebuilt website platforms leveraging the power of big data to constantly improve their offerings, independent web designers need to adapt their methods to keep up. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can help with this.

Web designers can also look carefully at what the platform designers are doing and keep up with them in this way. Independent web design isn’t dead. It’s still a growing industry. However, it may need to evolve to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

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