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AI Search Is Coming. But What Does It Mean?


In short you get answers not a long list of website options. Ask more complex questions, get more detailed answers. It’s like having a Research Assistant and Personal Planner at your disposal.

Beyond just presenting you with a long list of websites to trawl through, AI Search consolidates information from more resources across the web and presents you with more detailed responses and possibilities.

Lists, ideas, video, articles and chat. Yes, chat. AI Search features a real-time chat bot. If you don’t get the right results, tell it to go back and refine its search and delivery.

Get inspired. Whether it’s an email or a meal plan, provide a detailed list of your requirements and AI Search will respond with a draft for you to build upon.


A big change is coming. Google has always been complained about for constantly changing it’s algorithms and causing ranking headaches. Well, AI Search will bring a new dimension to how any business is found on the internet.

and semantic keywords have always been part of the equation. AI Search will pull data, answers and ideas from a wider range of sources not simply static websites.

Going forward your online presence needs to be all encompassing, relevant, factual and informative.

As AI Search will be looking for more than just an answer to a question, it will be searching for ideas and validation, your online presence will need to meet these new needs.

And that means ensuring video, reviews, blogs, links, referrals, posting quality content in groups, posting on your own social media channels must all become part of your SEO strategy.


Ultimately, it’s the continued pressure on search engines to provide the consumer with a better search experience. Not simply a long list of websites, but now answers, ideas and plans.

Whilst the changes in the way we look at SEO will take more time and effort, this change should help business owners by attracting a more refined consumer to their products and services. And this should in turn lead to a better conversion and more sales.

For more information on how your company can work with, and benefit from AI Search contact Pozitive Media on 0800 292 2921 or go to


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