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Why You Need A Professional Web Designer.

Web Designers Croydon Surrey. Why you need a professional web designer in Croydon Surrey to help you grow your business.

Why Website Design Matters

A website is your business shop front. Your reputation. It’s what your customers will see. This is not the time to go all DIY or get a free design template. You don’t hand write your business cards, you get them designed and printed for a good reason.

Why You Need Good Web Design

It’s very simple

· It has to promote your business and services

· It has to be responsive, so it works across all platforms like PCs and mobile phones. Not everyone has a swanky new phone, some people are still at home using older computers with older browsers.

· It has to be coded correctly so search engines can find it and rank it

· It has to be functional and do what you want users to do. Respond and buy.

· Your website has to be promoted in the right places. Search engines, social media and use the right channels to reach your target audience.

Today internet search is growing at an amazing rate. 70% of people search and research online before they buy. Promoting your business in a professional manner is now essential and improves the trust in your brand to your target audience.

As they say, “first impressions last”. Getting that first look from your website visitors and the right impression is a vital part. If you fail to implement it, the chances of getting the audience's full engagement will fail. That is why it is essential you hire a professional web designer in Croydon.

Aesthetic Design

Designers who are not skilled in creating a great website with the right look, colours, palette and feel can really let you down. A professional web designer will bring the high quality that your site needs to show off your business.

And let’s not forget, it’s not simply a about the home page. Your website is a full brochure of your business and that means features like menu, product or service breakdowns, services, terms, privacy and many more other features.

To develop your aesthetic design according to your business requirements, our team here at Pozitive Media with discuss this with you and sketch and plan it before the execution. This will produce the exact design you wish to promote your company plus with our input on what features and add-ons your site needs to work effectively.


Your website is accessed by an audience to collect information and to reach the products or services you are marketing as they require quick access. To offer them a quickly accessible feature, you need to ensure whatever you have is quickly visible and usable.

You do not want your visitors struggling to find the information or services, and by using your slick navigation, the customer can easily be directed to the right information. If your menus, user functionality is bad, it will discourage your customers from engaging in your site and they will leave very quickly.

Style Guide

What is a style guide? Simply, the look and feel you present to visitors of your website. It provides a natural look to display your information, products and services, plus a consistent look and feel throughout your website.

The Style Guide will promote your brand is which will make your audience engage on the page for longer. It ensures your website has consistent development and a more cohesive site. This will make your customers engage longer on the page and build brand recognition.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of making your site visible to your target audience. This part alone is probably why you will need an expert Web designer in Croydon Surrey to build your website.

SEO is generally split into 2 parts. On-site SEO, the building and coding of your website so it can be “found” by search engines. And then Off-site SEO, the many different pieces that play a part in search engines determining what ranking it will give your website – links, articles, blogs etc. As a very general statement, the more your website contains great user-friendly content, and popular your website is the higher it is likely to rank.


First impressions as they say! And it’s not just about how your website looks, how your visitors can navigate around your website, find what they want and then interact is all crucial to a good user experience.

Website come in many forms and not all are about selling. Some companies have websites purely as a brochure to advertise products or services. Others, simply for data gathering, subscriptions and memberships. Each one has its own unique look and feel. All this adds up to a first-class user experience.

Brand Uniformity

You may have a small business compared to others, but image counts. You need to design the website as your business's base and identity. This will always make your customers recognise your brand and logo for future visits and each time they see your advertising. Your brand means quality and good service.


Everybody is mobile these days. And bog search engines like Google know it and respond to it. Your website has to be mobile friendly or else it will not get ranked highly. And that means fast load times, clean layout, and easy navigation. Remember a web layout on a PC with a large screen looks totally different on a mobile device. On a PC you can add more detail, more photos as its easier for visitors to scroll down and see more information quickly. On a mobile version you need to ensure your message and contact details are quickly visible and easily accessible. Another reason why a professional web designer in Croydon can help you with this.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

You will be amazed at how many people forget this one. A great website, awesome products or services, but no call-to-action. And by that we mean no phone number, no forms to collect user information, no email address, no “Call Us today for a free quote”. Nothing!

The reason call-to-action buttons are vital as they engage your visitors and guide them into “what next”. It helps them take the next step forward into becoming your new clients.

Collectively all these reasons are why you probably need to hire a professional web designer. It will save you time and get your website up to where it needs to be a lot faster. Let them run your web and internet marketing, while you do what you do best. Run your business.

Let Pozitive Media Help You With Your Online Marketing

Are you ready to step out and boost your business? Let us not only design and maintain a website that reflects the quality and brand of your business, but we are experts in local lead generation. In Croydon Surrey and right across South London. Our team are ready to help you grow your business today.

For more information on creating an awesome website and generating local targeted leads for your business, contact Pozitive Media the No1 website designers in Croydon on 0800 292 2921 or go to our website


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