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Terms & Conditions

Use of Web Site


This web site provides general information on our services. It does not reflect the opinions of the employees or Directors of Pozitive Media. Users use and navigate the site at their own risk. Pozitive Media cannot be held responsible for any abusive action, spam or viruses that are connected with the use of this site, or links from it. Please note the internet is an International business and servers may not be located in your country. International laws on privacy and subject matter may vary.


Disclaimer & Disputes


We will always act with your best interests in mind. However, we cannot be held liable for any losses or costs whether they be personal or business associated with any project. You indemnify us against any action, claims, costs, damages, demands, liabilities, losses and/or proceedings that may occur directly or indirectly as a result of engaging our services. Pozitive Media cannot be held liable for the output of 3rd party suppliers we may engage during the course of any project. Whilst we have a 99.9% up time for servers, Pozitive Media cannot be held liable for any downtime or 3rd party services which are out of our control.


In the event of a complaint, should any internal mediation or internal complaint process not produce a mutually acceptable resolution, disputes and claims will only be heard in the Courts of England & Wales and shall be subject the the laws therein.

Payment Terms & Service Delivery

Where applicable, all services are subject to tax at prevailing rates. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Landing Page Design - Design fees are to be paid in full before design work commences.


Web Design Services - A deposit of 50% of the agreed total is payable before design work commences. An invoice for the remaining 50% and month 1 hosting will be issued and is payable before final release and delivery. Monthly hosting fees are paid on 1st of each month in advance by direct debit and subject to a minimum 6 month contract.

Social Media Management - All Social Media work and monthly management fees are billed in advance. This includes design and management of any Social Media pages/sites and advertising on such sites. To ensure effective delivery Social Media services are subject to a full service development and management fee to be agreed. A minimum advertising budget is required £2,000 per month paid on 1st of each month in advance by direct debit. A 6 month minimum contact with 12 week notice period applies. Subject to project timing some Social Media projects maybe provided, in whole or in part, by our specialist partner "The Social Accelerators".  Management fees may apply.

Pay-Per-Click Management - All PPC services are billed monthly in advance. An invoice for the full monthly agreed PPC budget will be issued and must be cleared before any work commences. To ensure effective delivery PPC services are subject to a minimum budget of £1,000 per month. Subject to your business sector. Our fee for managing your PPC campaign is 12.5% which will be deducted from the monthly budget. A 6 month minimum contract with 12 week notice period applies.


Pozitive Media reserves the right to refer any invoices outstanding more than 30 days to a Collection Agency. Late payment fees and collection costs may be applied to any outstanding balance. Pozitive Media reserves the right to suspend work where an invoice remains outstanding after 7 days from the date of issue. 


Clients Website - Use & Ownership

Due to the increased issues around malware, viruses and security, Pozitive Media does not allow clients direct access to any websites. Our websites are not CML dashboards. We will perform all updates and blog postings on the clients behalf. At all times the www. domain remains the property of the client.

Pozitive Media is an approved WIX coder and designer. All landing pages and websites are designed in WIX and are not transferable outside of the WIX environment. Upon agreement termination (after min 6 months) Pozitive Media will transfer the landing page, website and URL if applicable to the clients nominated WIX account.  A fee of £50 is payable for this service. The client will need to open their own WIX account at their own expense.


​The client will ensure their website adheres to all local and territorial marketing and usage regulations, and is not used for illegal purposes. The client will ensure all copy and disclaimers meet local and territorial requirements. Pozitive Media reserves the right to withdraw all services without notice where it becomes aware the website does not comply with the above.

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